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The demostration of Horizon 5w LED

The demostration of Horizon 30w LED

Horizon Lighting Equipment founded in 1997. We dedicate to develop, to promote specialized Taiwan lamps (LED), and to bring more safety, more environmental protection, more energy conservation purposes to this green world. Horizon Lighting currently sells products with the main series of innovative LED of multi-chips in one module, Horizon Taiwan E-home control systems, and others such as lighting design, all kinds of ballast, lamp holder and assembly services. In 2008, Horizon Lighting established export brand "Horizon Taiwan" to define the exact position of LED Lighting in the international market.

The outstanding products of Horizon Lighting represent on the series of Horizon’s LED of multi-chips in one module. The specialized LED is not only improved its structure or material, but made to largely increase the illumination (LUX) of illuminated objects and distance. In the recent Horizon’s lighting design cases, the LED using 5W electric energy could successfully lighten up 6m high Roman column and arches! In addition, Horizon’s LED solve the old type multiple LED’s mainly problem, such as the shadows caused by different light decay rate of several LED lights. Moreover, it also majorly refine the efficiency of the LED’s luminous efficiency, and achieve brighter, more powerful, and more economic benefits.

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